From a hobby, writing has become a passion for me. There are stories waiting to be told, adventures hiding beneath the blank pages of the author’s notebook. I love nothing more than bringing them to life and watching my characters as they struggle with situations and encounters in magical realms and far off lands.

Stories offer us an escape from the everyday, a chance to leave the mundane behind and embark on an epic quest while sitting on our sofa or the tube on the way to work. But books need readers and that brings me to a battle I’m ill equipped to fight. Yes, I think I can write and you know, I believe I’m not half bad at art but when it comes to book promotion my report card says D- in large red letters.

So I’ve hit upon a plan. First and foremost this has always been about getting the story out there, not the money. I get it, books aren’t cheap, nothing is cheap these days and I’m a bit of an unknown quantity to prospective new readers. True, I have a few nice reviews but it’s still a risk spending your hard-earned on someone you’ve never heard of. That’s why, from 4th to 8th July The Key of Ornoss will be free to download from the Kindle store. Hopefully that will encourage a few more people to take a punt and try out a new author. Will it work? Who knows but it’s got to be worth a try, right?

Please keep your fingers crossed for me! Much love, AJx

Published by andrewjosephwhite

Writer, artist, dog walker and coffee drinker.

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