I’ve done a whole range of different things over many years. I started off in teaching, which was great at the time but I had that feeling, you know the one that says, you’re in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. So I left and went into publishing, but again, it wasn’t quite the right fit. A chance meeting led to charity work and then finally I felt, yes, this is the right place, helping others. Taking a clue from that I went on to helping others through chaplaincy work, first in a university and then in prisons.

One day, having just finished reading a book and unable to find another that I fancied, I took up a notepad and pen and the strangest thing happened – a book poured out. Where it came from, who knows. It was the start of the long but very enjoyable process of getting the first part of this trilogy, The Key of Ornoss, into printable and downloadable (is that a word? is now, I guess) format. I hope you enjoy it and part two, The Rod of Xerus, which I published in 2022.

What People Say

“An amazing story of the struggle to be who you are set in a brilliantly imagined realm of magic and the supernatural.  Simply the best YA fantasy novel I’ve read.”

Tracey Iceton, author of The Celtic Colours trilogy

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