Work in Progress

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written an update here. Life has been crazy over the last few months, I’ve had so much to tell you but no time to do it! I did my very first author book reading to a live audience. The nerves nearly got to me but I managed to get through it – just. Tell you what, I’ll put that in a separate post so you can read all of the juicy details. My books are now featured on the Book Dragon website as well as in their shop, which is great. But I guess the big thing, and probably your biggest question is, how long will be before we see the concluding part of the Tome of Báirseach trilogy? Well, it’s underway, I’ve written 60,000 words and the story is starting to build towards the grand finale. I really hope you love reading it as much as I’ve loved writing it, it’s been such an amazing journey.

Over the weeks ahead, I’ll drop a few snippets and quotes to whet your appetite and once I have the artwork ready, there’ll be a cover reveal. Before then, I need to get the final chapters drafted, polished and then sent off to my wonderful editor.

So, what can we expect from the final chapter in the story? Well, first of all, is it the final chapter? That depends on you. If you want to see more from Cal and her world, then who knows? But I can say, this last book in the current trilogy will take us to a host of new locations, introduce some new characters and as ever, it’s going to be a bumpy, exciting, fast-paced ride. Okay, do your job, AJ, get the thing written!

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