Prime spot!

Some very exciting news to share. Back in 2020 when I first wrote the Key of Ornoss a little dream popped into my head. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a book shop one day and see my book on a book shelf? Now, as dreams go it might not seem the biggest or grandest but for a self-published author, it still felt out of reach.

Well, dreams come true! (Caveat: the dreams we’re prepared to work at.) A brand new book shop has opened in North East England, Stockton-on-Tees, called The Book Dragon. What makes this shop so special is that it only stocks indie and self-published books. Needless to say, as soon as I heard about it I dropped everything and went to have a look.

The owner, Kirsty, couldn’t have been nicer and as a self-published author herself, we had plenty to talk about. When I got back home we exchanged emails, I did the paperwork (there’s always paperwork) and low and behold, I’m in a book shop! At this point I would normally insert lots of happy, smiley emojis, but it’s wordpress so you’ll just have to imagine those.

In follow-up news, The Book Dragon took a stall at the book and craft fair at Saltburn-by-the-Sea last weekend and I went along to support. What a great team and what an amazing chance to catch up with some fellow indie authors. I learned a lot from chatting to them and it just gives you so much encouragement to know there are people out there, just like you, typing away, trying to get their stories out while paying the bills and keeping a million plates spinning.

So if you’re reading this, and you write your own stories the message today is, keep going because you never know where it might lead. You will get there and your journey will be amazing.

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Writer, artist, dog walker and coffee drinker.

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