Editing… meh!

We’re not quite on the home straight but we are on the final lap. My editor has sent back the first section of The Rod of Xerus complete with her usual insightful comments, helpful suggestions and many, many corrections. Lots of work for me but it’s happy work. Where would I be without her!

I don’t generally plan things but my intention is to get the anticipated sequel to The Key of Ornoss out by Christmas. It’s a big ask but having published my first book earlier this year my (slightly unrealistic) hope is that I won’t have forgotten absolutely everything about how to do that.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Key of Ornoss yet, you might want to wait, I’m planning a sale to celebrate the launch of the sequel. No dates for that yet, as usual I’m just enjoying things, taking it easy and letting the creative juices flow. Maybe some of that comes down to attitude, being Irish and living in England, I’ve never really bought into the whole ‘hurry and worry’ thing. Life’s too short, isn’t it? So why not just take it one day at time, get through the challenges and enjoy the good bits. For me those are the simple things. Suits me, I’m a simple sort of a person.

(In case you’re wondering, the chap in the picture might feature on the front cover in some way. The first lucky person to guess who he is will get a free copy of the new book in the format of your choice.)

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