Counting down…

When I started writing, back in 2019, I didn’t really know where it was leading and how it would turn out. There was no plan to write a book and every week I’d wonder if the ideas would dry up and it would be left unfinished, half a tale, soon to be forgotten.

One notebook after another became filled with scribbles and notes, questions and quotes, as day by day the story poured out of me and onto the page. There was no chronological sequence to it, my imagination flitted about; a butterfly going from flower to flower, free for the first time in years.

It didn’t take that long to get the whole story down, a matter of weeks but it was a mess. I cobbled it together, had a quick read through to correct the most obvious inconsistencies, and sent of off to my sister, a much more experienced writer. Her feedback was hugely positive and from that I had an inkling that perhaps there was something here worth sharing.

By the time The Key of Ornoss gets released on an unsuspecting world we’ll be almost two years down the road from the day I first took up pen and pad. It’s fair to say that back then I had no idea what lay ahead on the road to creating this thing called a book but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love learning new things and this has certainly been a learning curve.

In just ten weeks, the Key of Ornoss goes live for sale, initially through Amazon and then, if all goes well, through other platforms too. I genuinely have no idea what the future holds, whether anyone will buy it, read it, like it, and I guess I have very little control over that. One thing I do know, I love writing and that’s not going to stop. One way or another book two in the series, The Rod of Xerus is going to be edited (it’s already finished to first draft) and prepared for print, probably next year. I just hope it’s as much fun as this has been, I’m sure it will be.

And so, let the countdown continue!



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The Key of Ornoss book launch!

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